Cumbria and Lancashire Wing serves varied, vibrant and unique communities across the North West of England.

From the Scottish Border down to the bottom of Lancashire and from the Pennines across to the North West coast we have 32 Squadrons offering much to the communities from which they were formed.

We have the staff and support to provide positive and challenging learning opportunities to our cadets who in turn make positive contributions to their communities.

Cumbria and Lancashire Wing is committed to raising inspirational standards of excellence through the delivery of a challenging, exciting and developing programme of training and activities.



7 thoughts on “Home

  1. FAO Steve Molloy. Hello Steve,
    I’ve found a sash for Rochdale Sqn., Whilst helping my ex. to move home. It’s a wired badge, looks historical. Can we get it back home? Yours, Stewart. (Tried other links).


  2. Hello. My daughter is 9. Where do you publish information on how she could join the air cadets, closest to Carlisle as possible please. Thank you


  3. Hi, I have just spent a very pleasant evening and day at Inskip at the ScotNINE conferences. Excellent facilities, staff and food. My room was a disabled one. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to suggest that there should be a secondary light or a switch for the main light within reach of the bed. That would make it absolutely ideal – I didn’t have any problems but other occupants might.
    Thanks for a splendid time,
    Lt Col M Z Hamid


  4. I would like to send a positive feedback email to the wing commander. Please could you advise which address to use?

    Kind regards

    Lucy Moore


  5. Good morning L & C ATC
    I have spent the last 12 years in the Middle East and my membership of the Victory Services club at Marble Arch in London has expired, I have been ringing the RAF at Sleaford since mid January to obtain some form of official paper work / letter that indicates I was an RAF VRT Officer in L & C wing of the ATC in the early 90’s.
    Can you please provide me with the above as a scanned in document as the rules for the VC club in London have now changed.

    Glyn David Jones
    95 Blackgate Lane,
    PR4 6UT
    Mobile number 07931435912.
    My RAF service number was 0213868 E
    I was at Hesketh Bank and Leyland Squadrons with your current Wing WO.
    My address at the time was Avondale, Avonlea Road Tarleton Preston.

    Many thanks for you assistance.



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