Adventure Training

11209630_792664024150859_1023618198858881047_nAdventure Training in the Wing is where cadets can experience challenges both physical & mental, at the same time as having a great time. The aim of the whole of the Wing is to expose young people to all the adventurous opportunities which are available to them in a safe but often exciting environment. All the activities, which our cadets participate in, are supervised and the young people are trained by formally qualified and experienced instructors and staff.


Activities available to cadets include:

Trekking & hill walking
Climbing & Abseiling both indoors and on crags
Canoeing & Kayaking
Mountain Biking
Sailing both offshore & inland waterways lakes & rivers

Overseas expeditions to:


Many other places around the world

One thought on “Adventure Training

  1. Hi,
    Hope you are well. We have been contacted via email to add your artificial climbing wall to our database. This will allow individuals going through our qualifications to log their climbs or supervision of an instructed group in to their digital logbook.
    I couldn’t find any pictures on your website to show you have a climbing wall on your grounds. Can you confirm there is a wall there please?
    Very much look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards, Laura


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