Cadets get the opportunity to take part in Gliding at one of the Volunteer Gliding Squadrons around the Wing. Much like Air Experience Flying, the cadets are encouraged to take control and fly the Glider themselves, but they can also opt to undertake further instruction and earn their Gliding Wings.

Gliding takes place in one of 2 different gliders, mainly depending upon the Gliding Squadron you visit.  There is the winch launched Grob Viking Glider and the motorised Grob Vigilant Glider, which has a motor and propeller, allowing it to self launch and fly up to altitude and then glide down.


Gliding Scholarship courses are an opportunity for cadets to undergo further instruction and earn their Gliding Wings. A course usually consists of up to 40 launches in a Viking or 8 hours in a Vigilant to achieve GS wings.

Cadets showing the necessary aptitude are invited to progress to ‘solo’ standard and hopefully achieve the Blue GS Wings.

For cadets showing the required aptitude, there may be the opportunity to progress further. Should they manage to successfully complete a solo circuit, they will be entitled to wear the Silver GS wings.

For some there may be further training if they are invited, or apply and are accepted, to become Flight Staff Cadets . These cadets will be trained to a much higher level and again and if successful will be entitled to wear the Gold wings denoting AGT or Advanced Glider Training.