Who We Are


HQ Cumbria and Lancashire Wing ATC
Air Training Corps
Inskip Cadet Centre
Email: ACO-WHQ-CumbriaLancs-E1@mod.uk

Commanding Officer:
Wg Cdr Steve Molloy

Wing Delivery Officer:
Sqn Ldr Chris Ashworth

Wing Personnel Officer:
Sqn Ldr Kath Lane

Wing Executive Officer:
Sqn Ldr Mike Linehan

Wing Warrant Officer:
WO Fay Walton

Wing Chair: 
Mark Ellis

Wing Treasurer:
Sqn Ldr Tony Andrews

Wing Chaplain: 
Rev Chris Carter


Sector 1 Commander: 

Sqn Ldr Stuart Dunnett

Sector 2 Commander:
Sqn Ldr Ray Browne

Sector 3 Commander:
Sqn Ldr Kath Lane

Sector 4 Commander:
Sqn Ldr Dave Irving

Sector 5 Commander:
Sqn Ldr Gary Entwhistle

Sector 6 Commander:
Sqn Ldr Kevin Dolan

Wing Health, Safety and Environment Officer:
Flt Lt Simon Walton

Adventure Training Technical Officer:
Sqn Ldr Andy Browell

Wing Duke Of Edinburgh Officer:
Sqn Ldr Kevin Dolan

Wing First Aid Officer:
Flt Lt Dion Etheridge

Wing Radio Officer: 
CI Roy Anthony

Wing Fieldcraft Offcier:
WO Fraser Hooper

Wing Media Communications Officer:
Flt Lt Brian White

Wing Web-master:
Flt Lt Brian White

RAC & Wing Flying and Gliding Officer: 
Sqn Ldr Linda Head

Wing Child Protection Officer:
Sqn Ldr Dave Irving

Wing IT Officer: 
FS Jamie Cooke

Wing Training Officer:
Sqn Ldr Gary Entwhistle

Wing BTEC & VQ Officer:
Flt Lt Andrew Nickson

Wing Sports Officer:
WO Steve Nash

Wing Shooting Officer: 

Flt Lt John Sutcliffe

Wing Band & Music Officer:
Plt Off John Thomas

Wing Technical Training Centre Officer:
CI Roy Anthony